Wrap Care

Caring for your wrap the right way will prolong it’s life well beyond your babywearing days. This means you can either have it turned into something else as a keepsake or if stored properly, kept for future generations. 

All of our wraps arrive in loom state and will require a wash before wearing to help set the threads. You will find the first wash will fluff up the fibres and make the wrap even softer!


Use delicate, eco-friendly detergents. This is best for your wrap and best for the environment.

Follow the care instructions on each wrap.

Check the wrap for damage and stop using immediately if you find any. Small pulls do not affect the safety of your wrap however broken threads should be repaired before using the wrap again.

Wrap care - cotton and linen wraps

Cotton and Linen Wraps

These wraps can be either hand washed or washed in the machine on a low temperature. Air drying flat is preferable as tumble drying will shorten the life of your wrap. 

These wraps can be ironed and linen in particular will benefit from a hot steam iron which will also help to  prevent permenent creasing.

Wrap care - wool and silk wraps

Wool and Silk wraps

Wool and silk wraps should always be handwashed in cool (not cold) water with minimal movement. After washing, gently squeeze out excess water and lay the wrap out flat on towels on the floor and leave to air dry. Drying silk in the sun can damage the fibres so should be avoided.

Wrap care - viscose wraps

Viscose Wraps

Like cotton, these wraps can be either hand washed or washed in the machine on a delicate setting. We recommend drying your wraps flat by laying on towels on the floor to prolong the life of your wrap.