Using Your Wrap

When used safely Rowan Bay wraps are perfect for all your carrying needs from birth to toddler-hood. Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to tie a front wrap cross carry for an older baby or toddler.

  1. For a front wrap cross carry, start by placing the middle marker at the centre of your chest.

2. Take on length of the wrap and pass around your back and over your shoulder.

3. Take the other length of wrap and pass around your back and over your shoulder. You should now have a cross of fabric on your back.

4. Pull the wrap a little to loosen then carefully guide your child’s legs through the fabric.

5. Keeping the wrap secure, make sure the fabric is spread knee to knee.

6. Pull the fabric up over your child’s body, no higher than the base of their neck. Tuck a little cloth under their bum to make a seat.

7. Holding on length of wrap between your knees, pull the other length to tighten. It can help to pull the wrap length section-by-section to tighten evenly.

8. Keeping the tightened length secure, pull the other length to tighten as in the previous step. At this point it sometimes helps to pull both lengths to adjust for comfort.

9. Once you are comfortable, take both lengths and cross under your child’s bottom and wrap around your waist.

10. Make a knot at the back to secure (or in longer wraps you can bring around to the front again to tie a knot). 

11. If you like, you can pull up the cross passes for extra snugness. The wrap should be comfortable for you and tight enought to secure your child. 

Please always remember the safety guidelines and ensure your child is close enough to kiss at all times.